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MaxxForce Diesel Power Engines are the signature power plant for a wide variety of International brand truck applications in nearly every vehicle class in North America.  With Navistar's MaxxForce engines - built for performance, reliability, durability and fuel economy - your trucks will be 'Always Performing'.

J.D. Power and Associates Report: International Ranks Highest in Heavy-Duty Truck Engine Customer Satisfaction


Westlake Village, CA: September 1, 2011 - In yet another award from J D Power and Associates, International received the industry's highest customer satisfaction ranking for their heavy-duty diesel engines, markedly above the industry average and above the ranking for Cummins, Detroit Diesel and Mack.  Click Here or on the heading above for a snapshot of the their Customer Satisfaction Index Ranking.

Navistar's Heritage of Excellence In Engine Production
Navistar began building engines more than 110 years ago and began experimenting with diesel engines in 1916.  It made its first diesel engine, the D-40, for use in International Harvester tractors in 1933 and its first diesel-powered truck in 1937.  With this experience and Navistar's commitment to offering the industry's latest and best technology, it's easy to understand why MaxxForce engines offer superior performance, reliability and fuel economy.  Click on the heading link above to view a more complete history of International's diesel engine production in pdf form.

Industry-Leading Technology In The Modern Era

All MaxxForce engines utilize the following technology, setting them far apart from the competition:

  • Compacted Graphite Iron Block (CGI) brings increased durability and power without added weight, compared to typical gray iron.  Because CGI has at least 75% higher tensile strength, 45% higher stiffness and near double the fatigue strength of iron, MaxxForce engines offer both lighter weight and superior durability.  This platform handles the highest fuel pressures that deliver the best fuel combustion while reducing vibration and noise.
  • Advanced Air Managment featuring dual sequential turbochargers - the smaller, primary turbo responds quickly for immediate take-off at low engine speeds - the larger, secondary turbo provides peak power at higher speeds and on steep grades. 
  • Advanced Fuel System featuring extremely efficient piezo injectors and high injection pressure for precise dosing, injection timing and optimal combustion which results in better fuel efficiency, in-cylinder emissions reduction, and super-quiet operation.

Keeping Their Cool - 2010 MaxxForce Engines

Nov 2009 Heavy Duty Trucking article by Senior Editor, Tom Berg, reveals results of ride & drive by trade press executives.  2010 MaxxForce engines impress all!!

How To Maximize Performance With Your MaxxForce Engine

Created by Navistar, this two-page document explains such details as: How to read the dashboard warning lights for the engine and exhaust system; Procedures for DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Regeneration; Tips for driving for maximum fuel economy; and description of multiple electronic features available with MaxxForce engines.

MaxxForce Lineup & Ratings - A Quick Look

For a quick look at the lineup of the MaxxForce lineup of engines and their power ratings, click on the above heading link to view a special table.  For a more complete view of individual engine models, continue reading via the provided links below.


 MaxxForce DT Overview


MaxxForce 7 Overview 


 MaxxForce DT Power Curve

 MaxxForce 7 Power Curve





 MaxxForce 9 Overview

 MaxxForce 10 Overview

 MaxxForce 9 Power Curve

 MaxxForce 10 Power Curve



11 Liter


13 Liter

 MaxxForce 11 Overview

 MaxxForce 13 Overview

 MaxxForce 11 Power Curve

 MaxxForce 13 Power Curve



 MaxxForce 15 Overview

 MaxxForce 15 Power Curve

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